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Willow Tit

Observed: 27th February 2010 By: jon keanjon kean’s reputation in Birdsjon kean’s reputation in Birds
Willow Tit
Willow Tit

Regularly feeds on niger seed. Comes singularly, but so often that there must be more than one

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Willow Tit

Almost certainly a Willow Tit but please be wary of assigning it to a subspecies.

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I agree

I agree with Apus. In most species identification to sub-species is difficult and requires close examination (often in the hand). P. m. borealis would be a very unusual record in Britain (only 2 accepted records to date), and apparent plumage tones vary under different lighting conditions, because of feather wear, and (in photographs) because of the exposure. The brown tones visible in the upperparts of the bird in this observation do not fit with the grey colour expected for borealis, so it would be safer to treat it as most likely apale looking bird from the British race (kleinschmidti.

A bird of the borealis race is posted for comparison here