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Brown caterpillar with two dark stripes

Observed: 5th July 2011 By: Gary Hedges
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
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Found frequently on Devil's bit scabious leaves and other ajacent herbaceous plants on Chalk grassland

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Thanks, do you know any literature I could use to get to genus?

I'm really surprised that I haven't found either of the scabious sawfly species: Abia candens and Abia serica even after extensive searches of the host plant at various sites through July and August.

I would like to make this one a record though if possible since I know a precise grid reference.

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This might be the larva of

This might be the larva of something other than a butterfly or moth - eg a sawfly. It might help to narrow it down to know how many legs has... 6 true legs at the front, then how many "prolegs" it has in the middle and back of its abdomen.

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Oh! David beat me to it!