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Is this a ladybird who has lost it's spots

Observed: 19th August 2011 By: Kezzy's Mum
Is this a ladybird who has lost it's spots

My daughter notices this ?ladybird do the UK Ladybird survey but cannot work out what this might be as it's spots seem to have faded or never really been there

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Thanks learnt something new

Thanks learnt something new did not realise the spots appeared later. The head colouring looks lightly different from the only other Harlequin ladybird I have seen but looking at others on here and looks like it is

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It is a Harlequin - the

It is a Harlequin - the pronotum patterning is distinctive, particularly in combination with the spot positioning, leg colour and shape.

While the spots do only gradually appear on newly-emerged adults, the Harlequin has a form which only has weakly-developed spots, which I think this is. There's a key to the adult ladybirds on here - look at the 'keys' tab

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