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Turquoise beetle in chalk grassland

Observed: 21st June 2011 By: Gary Hedges
Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre
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turquoise beetle in chalk grassland

Observed on Devil's bit scabious leafs

    Likely ID
    a weevil
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Again, this is really helpful thankyou. The couple of weevil species that you speak of, are you aware of their host plants? O do you know where I could get such information?

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This one look's similar to Phyllobius pomaceus, sorry but most only have scientific names,this one feed's on Nettles,they start off golden green to bluish green but fade with age,the other is P.argentatus associated with Hazel and other shrubs.If you can try to get some close up's and idea of size.I use a number of books then once I think it is the right one I put it in Google and cross reference to make sure.There is a book Collins complete guide to British insect's which is all photograph's and easy to use it is about £12 I got mine off Amazon but is available in book shops also Field guide to insects of Britain and Northern Europe by Bob Gibbons all photographs about £12.You can have a look on internet book sellers and get second hand ones too have found ones in charity shops that just sell books (Oxfam). It is an addictive subject once you start and you build up your book's over the years.Good luck on your search.