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Observed: 27th February 2010 By: sl7246sl7246’s reputation in Invertebratessl7246’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Found below the surface, on the wall of the compost heap, the specimen is a soft bodied creature that appears to have a ‘biting' rather than a ‘sucking' mouth, has no legs, no segments, no waist, no wings and no wing case. It was identified, using the iSpot Bayesian Key, as a slug. It is dark olive on top with a lighter patch about 10mm near the head, it has light underside with an orange coloured line of sausage-like lumps running almost the full length of the body beside the ‘foot' which also runs the full length of the body. Two ‘horns' about 3mm long, with balled tops, protrude from the top of the head and two ‘horns' about 1mm long protrude from the bottom of the head. It has a tendency to contract and turn in on itslef when disturbed.

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May be two different slugs here

The species viewed from below could be Tandonia budapestensis. However the slug in the other photograph is certainly not T. budapestensis. It is probably Deroceras panormitanum.

Ben Rowson
Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

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two slugs?


Thanks for that comment - would you like to add Deroceras panormitanum as a second identification? (click on "add a Revision", above).

sl7246: are these two photos of the same slug or could they be two different species?

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The two photographs are of the same beast.