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What is this?

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Growing in grassland beside stony gate entrance on the edge of a bog.

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Lithospermum officinale?

I considered Lithospermum officinale, but the nutlets are clearly brown.

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The leaves show strong

The leaves show strong lateral veins.
The nutlets are smooth rather than tuberculate, but as you say they are brown which is odd.

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I find the colour and texture of the seeds not quite right for L. arvense, it should be more like this:

Also, it seems that in L. arvense seeds are most often clumped in groups of four, whereas this is less prevalent in L. officinale.
I've seen other Lithospermum plants IDed as Lithospermum officinale purely based on presence of lateral veins in the leaves. Lateral veins are clearly present in this plant as well.