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Foraging / Identifying fungi

Went on a trip to look for fungi in the woods near my home yesterday. Something thing I've noticed is that a lot of fungi that I'm finding has been damaged or disturbed, possibly by other people.
I realize that some fungi can only be identified by either cutting or breaking them (pulling them out of the ground in some cases).
Please comment.



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It does state in most book's that when collecting fungi you need the habitat,cap size,stem size and if hollow, full,rooting or fibrous ect,smell,texture if changes colour when cut and spore print.I do feel it is important to take a sample so you can get as much information as possible and achieve a correct ID.This does not endanger the Fungi as spores have already been dispersed,damage can also be caused by animals.I do feel that on a regular basis fungi are posted on the site with no information and only a picture of the cap,so very hard to get a correct id unless it is something very recognisable.I am sorry but I will continue to remove sample's as this is the only way I can learn and get other's to confirm or give an identification.I am actually recording all find's in my area,so would think it is very beneficial.


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Thanks for the information. Will start taking samples when required. Won't be taking any stinkhorn samples though!!!

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don't mention them

I thought there was a dead animal in the woods and could hear the fly's but it was about 20 stinkhorn's and I felt physically sick.

Happy hunting


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Fully agree!

I was nervous of taking samples when I first started my interest but others have pointed to the need for lots of information to obtain an ID and that collecting a specimen should not threaten the viablility of a population.
It often takes me hours of pouring over books and websites to come up with a name, some species are so similar and there is so much variability within a species!
As Fenwickfield says there have been lots of posts with one photo recently and no supporting information. I feel sorry that these people may feel let down by iSpot when no-one responds to them (I know how eagerly I look for comments and agreements)but even experts need to know about the things Fenwickfield itemises.

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