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Pine Grosbeak, Oulu

Observed: 27th January 2007 By: StuElsomStuElsom’s reputation in BirdsStuElsom’s reputation in Birds
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A published photo?

I'm sure I've seen this shot in print - have you had it published somewhere?
(I think I remember seeing it, or a very similar photo in a journal like British Birds or Dutch Birding - I may be wrong though).

Edit: Maybe not, I've just checked your website and this one doesn't seem to be listed with the other photos you've had published (there are plenty of superb photos on your site though!).

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I had exactly the same thought, but possibly this is just a common pose for the species...fluffed-up against a snowy background. Super birds!


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Pine Grosbeak

Thanks for the comments,

Stuart Winter used it last year in his 'Birdman' column in the Sunday Express. I think it was in Birding World too in 2007.


Stuart Elsom