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Knot-grass moth caterpillar

Observed: 28th June 2009 By: JaseJJaseJ’s reputation in InvertebratesJaseJ’s reputation in InvertebratesJaseJ’s reputation in Invertebrates
Knot-grass moth caterpillar
Knot-grass moth caterpillar

Found two individuals on the unopened flowers of Yellow Iris, although not observed eating the Iris. (Nearest trees were Alder, common grasses and flower species near by.) Looks similar to some of the Dagger moths, but I couldn't find an exact match. Approx 30 mm long.

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Knot-grass caterpillar

Yes, it is related to the daggers. This is the Knot-grass. The colours do vary slightly between individuals, but the pattern of the markings is distinctive.

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Once you know...

The match seems quite obvious once you take into account the colour variation. http://ukmoths.org.uk/show.php?id=795

Thanks Martin!