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Observed: 28th August 2011 By: miked
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Open woodland with oak, ash, beech etc on chalky soil. Possibly Boletus radicans but redness is confusing. Basically stem and tubes yellow, both specimens had been kicked over, the redish one had probably been kicked rather a long time ago.


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Same species?

Yellow pores, yellowish stem and bulbous base of stem on left. Reddish pores (I think), fine network of red on stem and tapering base on the right. I know you say one is older but would that result in these differences?
Left possibly Boletus radicans and right Boletus legaliae perhaps?

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they were both same species,

they were both same species, growing a couple of cm apart from each other (you could see the base where it had been kicked from), both had yellow pores.