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Observed: 28th August 2011 By: miked
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hornbeam woodland amanita colour very similar to death cap. possibly panther cap but rather strange shape.


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not all

I would have thought that there would be the odd distorted one as not all can be perfect,I would have gone for Death Cap but would have liked to see one fully open too it also does look similar to Panther cap I presume that they are hard to tell apart.


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Death cap should not have all

Death cap should not have all those whitish remains of the veil on the cap, I don't think its death cap, I was just saying it was that colour. But also its not really like panther cap (although have seen very few of these).

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Did not mean to sound as if I was questioning your expertise,but if I don't ask I will never learn as certain Amanita species seem to be very hard to id and I need to know what I am looking for.I seem to get a lot were I live but never sure on some.


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Its usually easier when there

Its usually easier when there are several growing together so you can see all stages and get more idea of how typical the one you are looking at is.
Another possibility for this one might be A. ceciliae

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It is not a stinkhorn,am am sure of that


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I can't wait to find out what

I can't wait to find out what it is!