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Lower plants Mosses

Observed: 25th February 2010 By: ed535ed535’s reputation in Plants

At first I believed I had observed a Fruticose but I now think this is may be lower plant species of moss. It is fairly stable colour of green and green underneath, with a feather appearance, or maybe fern like?

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Yup, moss

Yes, this is a species of moss, but I'm afraid the photo is too small to pick out any identifying features. Do you have a zoomed in version?

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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Hi! Sarah,

Do not know quite what you mean by a zoomed in version, I am reducing the size of my photographs to below 60kb to upload. On Photoshop my originals are clear. Hope I am making sense if not explain, please, what I need to do.
Cheers Eddie

E J Duffy