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Kitenet - Red Helleborine - 1 July 2006 - 12:55pm

Observed: 1st July 2006 By: Martin Harvey
Berkshire Moth GroupFSC - Field Studies CouncilSoldierflies and Allies Recording SchemeBuckinghamshire Invertebrate Group
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Cephalanthera rubra - Buckinghamshire

Photographed at its only Buckinghamshire location, during studies of its potential pollinators.

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I presume there is no map to

I presume there is no map to protect the location info, however it does show up when you hovver over the thumbnail!! I've not seen this species in bucks and only a few grotty non flowering specimens in the cotswolds so its good to see such a nice flowering plant.

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secret location

Good point Mike, I'd forgotten the site was in the filename, have edited it out.

Martin Harvey
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You two - please note that some of the earliest records - the ones used for tracking in the early days, are being marked as inappropriate. This means they may be lost forever.
Please consider their potential value before allowing their deletion.
But there may be hundreds

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no cause for alarm!

Hi Derek, I don't think those links are actually marked as inappropriate, but they look odd because they are simply locations, not observations. In the early days iSpot used to create a new node for each location as well as for each observation, but for some years now it only creates nodes for observations (and the location information is stored as part of the observation, not separately).

EDIT - a few of these types of location pages had in fact been marked as inappropriate, but I've now restored them in case they mess up the original observations to which they may be linked. If you see any more it's best to just ignore them!

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of interest

Oh I'm pleased that you have reinstated them Martin. I was fearful that inappropriate meant death! So I am glad I alerted you. You may not remember that I asked you and a few of the others what they were, so I knew. They will be of no interest to anyone until they find them interesting!