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Golden Eagle

Observed: 26th August 2011 By: KezzaMcPKezzaMcP’s reputation in BirdsKezzaMcP’s reputation in Birds
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Two golden eagles

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The first is definitely a

The first is definitely a Buzzard, the second probably one, though the angle is poor.



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Buzzards will frequently fly so high that they become a mere speck in the sky! The second bird seems to show a pale patch on the breast where Golden Eagle would not have one. I am also not sure that the wing span is as large as it would be in an eagle...but it is lacking in clarity.


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Sorry Kezza, but this is a

Sorry Kezza, but this is a Buzzard. A juvenile Goldie once it flies is no different in size to the adults, and is very dark except for a very large white patch in each wing and on the basal half of the tail. The white diminishes over the years it takes to mature.

If you had a larger bird as well, *that* one might have been a Goldie, but that very fact just emphasises that this bird (you have said it was the smaller) is a Buzzard.

As Ophrys says, height of flight is no guide to raptor ID. Even Sparrowhawks will soar to the point where they are all but invisible even with bins.

We do have Golden and Sea Eagles in the area - I saw a Goldie myself just on Saturday - so keep looking. But for every eagle you encounter you will see 20 or more Buzzards - so look with patience!



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