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Any ideas what this is on my lawn?

Observed: 27th August 2011 By: Nigel Clark

One of several patches found on my lawn about 12 inches apart. Could they be fungal or eggs from something?


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Have zoomed in and some seem to have a slight stalk to them I think it is fungi and would put it in the fungi section as there are a couple of expert's who would see it and hopefully get an identification.I have seen certain infections on grass before but not like this.


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Agree this should go in the

Agree this should go in the fungal section, I think it is probably a slime mould.


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It is a slime mould but not

It is a slime mould but not seen one that colour before. There are some good links to sites showing the range of slime molds on the main fungi page. Err just checked and I can't see the link there so will have to add it:
possibly its not on there because the link has so many thousands of photos of slime moulds and can be rather confusing.

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Lawn problem

Many thanks for identifying my problem. I have since done more research and discovered it is not uncommen in warm damp conditions, and furthermore will cause no permanent damage.

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