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Un Ragondin

Observed: 28th May 2011 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Mammalsjccurd’s reputation in Mammalsjccurd’s reputation in Mammals

These poor characters are regarded as pests in the Marais Poitevin where they damage the banks of the canals. Traps are set an pâté is made. Resourceful chaps, the French.

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I believe that -

an enterprising English firm is selling grey squirrel and hazelnut pate.
Personally, I plan to experiment with the cat that keeps defecating on my lawn...

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Awful thought. Cats are protected by law.

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Not very tasty ...

...either. Or so I'm led to believe, based on the fact that we don't eat carnivores.

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Not mammalian carnivores -

unless you include pigs, which are omnivorous. We don't seem to mind some others, notably fish.
I suspect it's partly a taste thing, or perhaps the lower risk of taking in parasites like tapeworms. But maybe it's also the idea that intelligence seems to be related to a carnivorous diet. One theory is that the richer meat diet provides for leisure time, when play and/or investigating the environment encourage the development of the brain.
But, as Stephen Hawking has pointed out, it is yet to be demonstrated that intelligence has much of a survival value.
Oh, and I was joking about the cat (I'd hoped it was obvious). But only just.