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Ichneumon species

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Google Ichneumon wasp uk and on page 3 second row down end pic is Apechthis rufata look's alike too.They are rather hard to Id as there is not a vast amount of info out there and close inspection is needed,but I would agree that it is a Ichneumon.


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Re., Try

Hi Shiela, thanks for that.

But if you look again at the one you pointed me at, it has clear wings with black outer margins, the one I photographed has pale amber coloured wings with orange/red outer margins fading from the shoulder and a creamy spot half way along the outer margin.

The photo of A. rufata also has an obvious ovipositor. The one I photographed I know could be taken as a male, but I took between 20 and 30 shots, (it was so busy inspecting various grass seed heads it ignored my close proximity), and in some the abdomen is curled around and inserted between grass seeds, (this it did many times), and I believe there is an ovipositor just beneath the abdomen.

As you say it is difficult to seperate ichneumon simply from photographs and many have the same leg colouring as the one I photographed, but of all of those I have seen and photographed I haven't come across this wing colouring and pattern before.

Maybe we will never know the true identity.



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Thanks David

Thank you David, you clearly know a lot about the group.

If you are right it's still a good find as according to the NBN there are few records and those they have are from North Derbyshire/South Yorkshire only !

Thanks again,

Steve :-)