New field guide to mosses and liverworts

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A new field guide to mosses and liverworts has just been published by the British Bryological Society, with new keys, photos and illustrations. I haven't seen it yet, but people who have tell me it looks very good, and promises to make mosses and liverworts more accessible - as the BBS says "The want of a field guide has for many years greatly hindered further spread of interest in British and Irish field bryology. By filling this gap in the market, the guide will make a group that has largely been the realm of specialists into an accessible and popular interest for naturalists, reaching far beyond the current pool of bryologists, and into the wider community of naturalists beyond."

For more information and details of how to order the field guide see:

For a preview of the sort of information it contains see:


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I saw the proofs a few months

I saw the proofs a few months ago, and it really does look very good indeed, for specialists and beginners alike

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call me a geek if you like but

these guides are a great help but I wish there was some sort of thing like this as an application for an I phone. I use mine for identifying birds, plants, butterflies and all sorts of things.