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Observed: 21st August 2011 By: catcher
Cape Bird Club
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African Black Oystercatcher: this is a pair. The female has a longer and more pointed bill. No prizes for the first to separate them!

Species interactions

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New ID still linking to CoL

Anomalous. Most of the new ID's link to SANBI as intended.

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
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New theory, building on Tony's

The observations with IDs that get stuck in Col are ::

1) Those with interactions.
2) Those of which the coordinates are plotted in the sea, that not being southern Africa in iSpot's sense;

and not ::

3) Those lying at the edges of the region (e.g. last night Mozambique).




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Please IAgree to ID three

Please IAgree to ID three

That should link it.