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Scaup or Tufted Duck

Observed: 22nd August 2011 By: browntrumpetbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birds

Hanging around with Tufted Ducks. Large amount of white at base of bill. Could be either!

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Both birds appear to have

Both birds appear to have this plumage

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Scaup v Tufted

White patch at the base of the bill is a feature of both Scaup and some Tufted. Is however, less obvious on Tufted. Scaup is a larger, 'rounder' more buoyant looking duck, rather like a Tufted on steroids. It really is a case of when you see one, you will know!

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Extensive black bill tip.

The extent of black at the tip of the bill confirms that this is not a Scaup.

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I was certain it was a Tufted really. Just hoped i'd got lucky!