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Tiny Hymenoptera

Observed: 25th August 2011 By: Rob W
Plume-winged micro hymenoptera, Locks Park, 25 Aug 2011, reduced

I would welcome an identification of this tiny yet beautiful insect that I found in a hedge yesterday. It is about 0.5mm long.

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David, many thanks. Would it

David, many thanks. Would it be possible to hazard a guess at the species? Kind regards, Rob

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sorry not my group, that's as far as I can take it. It's quite a specialist job to determine these beasties.

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I was being optimistic! I

I was being optimistic! I guess specialists in such tiny wasps are few and far between. I'm content with knowing it's mymarid, indeed very pleased to have seen one at all!

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Litus cynipseus, an egg

Litus cynipseus, an egg parasitoid, probably near water bodies.