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Long-tailed tit

Observed: 25th August 2011 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in BirdsMartincito’s reputation in Birds
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Not very good photos again. I will try to lure these birds , one of my favourites, a bit closer to get a decent shot.

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Long tailed tits in Nidderdale

A few months ago (in about April/May) over a period of about 3 weeks, I occasionally saw a group of long tailed tits visiting my bird feeding station. There would be frenzied activity for about 5 to 10 minutes then they would quickly dissappear. I had never seen them before and haven't seen them since.


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It's lovely to see them isn't

It's lovely to see them isn't it! We used to see them on the feeder all the time but since some work was done at the back of our garden the place has become a more or less bird-free zone! I'm trying to put that right now, not least to lure in a few decent subjects for iSpot portraits :-)

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The last two winters must have had an effect upon the numbers of these. I am not seeing any large flocks in my ringing site, now. Usually, at this time, they form the main bulk of tit flocks, with lesser numbers of associated coal tits, chiffchaffs, goldcrests...etc. At the moment, the warblers and crests form the majority and long-tails are just a few hangers-on. I get the impression that they might have had a bad breeding season, upon the back of a couple of hard winters.

They will recover, though! Especially if people keep the feeders full through the winter, now that they use those so readily.