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Goldfinch, Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

Observed: 17th May 2011 By: David Trevan
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I know this is cheating a bit, but haven't got so close to a Goldfinch before!Was in a large aviary together with turtle doves and other species.

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Lovely photos!

I know what you mean, I've been trying to photograph a flock of goldfinches who have been enjoying the thistledown near my wood for over a fortnight now with no success. I creep around the corner but they must feel me coming. How lovely to have time to enjoy these charming birds.

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Thanks for the complement about the photos Janet.I am really a botanist/horticulturist and haven't really paid much attention to birds until recently, plants being my passion and area of expertise, but now I have invested in a camera with a huge zoom lens, hope to do more bird photography and put the results on ispot!

Prague and it's zoo are amazing incidentally!
Dave T.

David J Trevan