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Vespa crabro - hornet

Observed: 24th August 2011 By: TrevorLawsonTrevorLawson’s reputation in InvertebratesTrevorLawson’s reputation in Invertebrates
Vespa crabro and child
Vespa crabro and child       1
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Most bees and wasps will in cool conditions fly to and settle on anything warm. I spotted a mining bee that did this in early spring almost as if it was posing for the camera. It settled with its antenna high in case of threat that did not exist.
I think they can tell if they are on another living being when they do this.


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That applies to...

...more than just bees and wasps, as long as you are careful with them. Last week I had a Gold-ringed Dragonfly and several Large Marsh Grasshoppers on my hand during a cloudy spell (not all at once!):

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Brave boy!

Brave boy!

Jonathan Wallace