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Tawny owl

Observed: 22nd August 2011 By: en2344
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Tawny owl

A 70mm long feather, from a juvenile Tawny owl I think

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Uncertain that this is a Tawny Owl

This feather does not look like a Tawny Owl feather to me - it is not as soft as an owl's feather and even the most grey Tawny Owl feathers are not as black and white as this feather. It is not clear the scale of this feather, nor is there much on the nature of the habitat - is it a dense or open woodland? More information on this might help suggest alternatives, but from what we can see I'd suggest it might be Sparrowhawk, but I can think of 3-4 other non-woodland species it might be from and if it were from a prey item then it could include these.....certainly a tricky one, but probably not a Tawny Owl