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Unidentified fungi

Observed: 24th October 2008 By: es349es349’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Unknown fungi
Unknown fungi
Unknown fungi

Can anyone help with identification. Tawny coloured with deeper colour at centre. Surface textured (see photo), gills and margin curling over upper surface. Habitat: open grass verge with 1 or 2 ornamental trees, in middle of housing estate. 2 other photos attached.


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My first instinct is that

My first instinct is that these are one of the honey fungi (Armillaria) - which are a very variable group. The cap colour/scales suggest this and it looks like there was a ring on the stem that has disintegrated. Honey fungus feed on wood, but may be a little way from the tree itself (on a root). They rarely appear singly - as in the RH picture - which might detract from this hypothesis!

Rob Coleman

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Unidentified fungi

Thanks Rob,

Now you have given me your identification I was able to look it up in Roger Phillips' 'Mushrooms'. I will now have a look for the long black 'bootlaces'.