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Disappearing index

I usually look at the observations by clicking "Observations" then "Browse Observations".
However, if I then expand any particular observation for a look at the comments or to add an agreement, then click the Firefox "Back" button to return to the full page of observations, I often find that the navigation bar at the bottom (to move to the next page) has disappeared.
It will reappear if I repeat the clicking on "Observations" then "Browse Observations". But if course this always takes me back to the current first page, not the one I was on.



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I agree ...

... iSpot does a few quirky things under Firefox. I suspect Firefox though rather than iSpot.

For example if you have looked at an observation and click ‘back’ IE will take you back to where you were exactly (5th item on page 4 say) and the observation you were looking at no longer appears on the list (after all it is a list of unread and you have read it). This is very handy for scrolling down through several pages picking out ad hoc observations. Firefox does things slightly differently; it will always return you to the top of page one of the list (so not responding literally) which is a bit of a nuisance but it also shows the observation you were looking at in the list (thus responding literally).

I like Firefox most of the time but I do occasionally have to pop back to IE for some tasks.



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I haven't found that problem -

Firefox always takes me back to where I was before, but sometimes the index at the bottom goes missing, as detailed.
I don't know about Google Chrome in this respect - having discovered just how difficult that program is to remove (and just how many sites download it as an add-on to quite legitimate programs unless you are careful), I leave it well alone!