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Evergreen shrub white bell flower

Observed: 7th June 2007 By: Alan Reid
Shrub bell flwr w 7jun07
Shrub bell flower w 7jun07

small evergreen with white flowers and needle tipped leaves

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Gaultheria mucronata

The only Gaultheria (or at least the only one in the UK) which has spines on the tips of the leaves is G. mucronata (hence the name!). However, the hybrid is not uncommon as a garden escape - true there appears to be a naturally occurring hybrid in Hampshire which looks a bit different from the cultivated versions of the hybrid - but the cultivars do pop up elsewhere.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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Hi Chris,

Ta for info - I'll add a revision to allow for cultivars,


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Prickly Heath ID

Thanks for your ID. There is a much larger specimen bush near Mamore Lodge, a large house with ornamental grounds at a similar altitude, less than 1 mile away. Perhaps it escaped from there via a bird?


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prickly heath escape

Hi Alan,

Possibly - as I understand it, this species and its cultivars are quite widespread, presumably at least partly by birds,