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Moth and wasp

Observed: 22nd August 2011 By: MrGMrG’s reputation in InvertebratesMrG’s reputation in InvertebratesMrG’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Not a very good photo but you can see a moth and lower and to the right a wasp. I noticed them because several times the wasp seemed to attack the moth which then flapped over the ground. Any ideas on what the moth is and what caused this behaviour?

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Wasp behaviour

The wasp is carnivorous was probably attacking the moth to take it back to the nest. I've seen wasps cut caterpillars into sections to carry back to their nest.

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Yes, I spotted a butterfly spiral down ot the ground (my patio) last year. I was surprised, then, to notice a wasp attached to the butterfly which, I assume, it had stung. I watched, fascinated, as the wasp proceed to cut/bite off the butterfly's wings and then flew off with the body. The wings remained on my patio.