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Been in the Pub all day -

Observed: 23rd August 2011 By: anonymous spotter
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Far up-river

From your map, these are far up-river aren't they?
The back one looked so long that at first glance I thought they were vagrant bearded seals, but maybe not in a beck in Teeside!

Gill Sinclair
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I see what you mean -

And I wasn't sure about them myself.
They are frequently seen at the barrage (about another 1.5km upstream), hunting for fish just below the turbulence. I long to see one trying out the refurbished kayaking course there!
They also swim a fair way up a side creek (Greatham) to some muddy flats there.

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Muddy seals

The mud even makes them the same colour as bearded seals!

Graham Banwell

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