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Observed: 5th August 2011 By: madjanevmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebratesmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebratesmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebrates
Img_4791 Plock of Kyle harvesman

A harvestman with 2 bright orange blobs on its back. There were several others with the same blobs on their backs nearby. Can anyone tell me what the blobs are?

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Attachment on Opilione

Hello Jane I am not sure about these but it may be some sort of parasitic eggs ?? They look eliptical (In the same way Tachnid Eggs attach to Shieldbugs )Interesting Observation

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Parasitic mites ?

I think they're parasitic mites. If you put the search words 'harvestman' and 'parasite' into Google it picks up a lot of pictures showing in more detail the red 'blobs'.

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They may be red spider mites which often hitch a ride on other insects.

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Mites on Opiliones

Yes Mites they are very common on ground beetles

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