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Flat worm

Observed: 26th May 2011 By: spacemouses
flat worm

Found under concrete slab. In pic on left- it is about 12 mm wide (width of the worm, not dia of it in circle). It was flatter when I 1st spotted it, but started to 'roll up' at edges when exposed. In right pic I had moved it to see underside. It was very 'sticky' to everything!

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This alien pest is out in the

This alien pest is out in the wider countryside (i.e. not just in gardens) in several places in W Scotland and the W Isles. You will need to be cautious about transferring soil from your garden, as you will likely move the worms or their eggs to new sites. I acquired them a few years ago, and earthworms are now a rare sight in my garden.

You can attract to boards, plastic sacks etc. laid out on bare earth. Check these every morning and chuck any worms into a jar of conc. salt solution. It may not do lot for the worm problem, but it will make you feel a bit better!



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