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Sunset over Ashey Down's IW

Observed: 22nd August 2011 By: Trinity

Beautiful sunset observed in sky this evening thought u'd all appreciate me sharing it with u!!! xxx Hope it was good where u r...

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rather spectacular

I always love watching sunset's especially nice at this time of year they seem to be more vibrant.It's good to stop and stare as a lot of people never notice same with the stars at night.


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A lovely capture of a moment in time.

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Lovely picture, thanks for sharing it's murky here in St. Lawrence this morning!

David J Trevan

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Ashey IoW

I was too young to remember but I used to go on holiday to Ashey when a baby and toddler at my aunt and uncle's cottage. I have several photos taken in the orchard next to the farmyard.


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Hi all,
Thanx for ur replies, unfortunately this morning wasn't a shepherd's delight as it's raining, but the Down's are looking beautiful still with the mist hanging over them, as I saw walking the dogs this morning. Seem's the weather men predict it's gonna b like this all week. What happened to our summer!!! Seems the El nino has finally departed us!!! Well saves me watering the veg I suppose... xxx If I get any-more I'll b sure to share them with u.. xx