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Poss hen harr

Observed: 26th May 2011 By: spacemousesspacemouses’s reputation in Birdsspacemouses’s reputation in Birds
poss hen harr

I am fairly sure this is Hen Harrier (male). Just want confirmation!

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Right species, but a female I

Right species, but a female I think. Adult males are largely grey with black wingtips, this looks too bulky for a young male. Super pictures.



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A "ringtail", so a female or immature.

I wouldn't like to say for certain that it's a female rather than an adult male, but I think I agree with Syrphus (it's definitely not an adult or near adult male).

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Dark base colour to the breast streaking suggests a juvenile, either male or female.

Nice pics - most of ours seem to have 'disappeared'.



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My previous comment should have said than I couldn't be certain that it wasn't an juvenile male!