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Mistle Thrush

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Comparing the ID;s in reference books, i opted for Song Thrush because it seemed to have pinkish rather the yellow legs?.
I am sure you are right I am not expert and find some of the differences sometimes difficult to see.

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I would opt for a Mistle

I would opt for a Mistle Thrush. I used to have a lot of difficulty telling them apart from the Song Thrush, but I'm starting to see them so regularly now that I'm starting to getter at recognising them.

A couple of things stands out in your photos: 1 - the general bulk of the bird, it just looks a big bird, whereas the Song Thrush looks much slimmer 2- it's much darker and the spots on its front are more pronounced and heavy

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Pinkish legs are OK for Mistle Thrush.

This is a Mistle Thrush and the leg colour is fine for the species. Better features are the colder grey-brown colour of the upperparts (warmer brown in Song Thrush), the pale whitish edgings to the feathers in the wing (not present in Song), and the rounder shape to most of the spots on the belly and lowwer breast (more like arrow heads in Song - although Mistle Thrushes usually have a few spots with arrowhead shapes).