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Tiny fungi

Observed: 21st August 2011 By: CJTCJT’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Clusters of tiny orangey fungi. Does anyone have any idea what they are please? They were growing on open grass/heathland on the edge of woodland.( Reclaimed gravel workings, now Nature reserve and education centre)


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I have agreed

I was not sure as would like to have seen gills,but I have photographed this a couple of day's ago and it is identical but have not put mine on yet,the gills are right on mine and will get it on tomorrow.


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As these were so tiny I could not photograph the undersides without picking one. However I was reluctant to do this as I did not know how common they are and did not want to run the risk of destroying a rare species.

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have spored

The spores have been released by the time they are at that stage so you would not be doing any damage.I always take one and remove it with a pen knife to get the whole of the stem as it's also important for ID.I also jot some notes of habitat it is found in as that also narrow's it down

Happy hunting