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Dolphins in Plymouth Sound

Observed: 27th July 2011 By: Ben ArthurBen Arthur’s reputation in Mammals
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Sorry the pictures are

Sorry the pictures are unclear but they where taken on a small point and shoot camera after a dive so I didn't have my SLR with me.

Ben Arthur

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When is the best time of year to see dolphins in the southwest?

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Bottle-nosed dolphin

I agree with bottle-nosed dolphins for the reasons given also the fin in the third picture looks too swept back for common dolphins.

Graham Banwell

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When to see dolphins

Hi Chris,

Dolphins can be seen around the south west all year but is generally easier in the summer as wave chop when its windy can make them very hard to spot! certain places are much better than others for regular sightings, its worth trying to find out where near you has quite a few sightings.

Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
Natural England

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where to see dolphins

Sightings can be reported and locations viewed here

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