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Parasitic Wasp

Observed: 21st August 2011 By: dl3993dl3993’s reputation in Invertebratesdl3993’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Thanks Martincito, I have

Thanks Martincito, I have found a few other photos of this species now and I think you are correct. Unfortunately I can not find much information about this species though. I would like to know what their distribution is and what they feed / parasitise off.

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I've been told that you can't

I've been told that you can't really tell what species an ichneumon is (apart from some very distinctive ones maybe) without dissecting them! However, pursuing the Cratichneumon culex theme, there is some info about distribution here: http://data.gbif.org/occurrences/search.htm?c%5B0%5D.s=20&c%5B0%5D.p=0&c... which shows it is rather rare, and something about its diet here: http://www.commanster.eu/commanster/Insects/Bees/SpBees/Cratichneumon.cu...