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Moth helping me at work

Observed: 29th June 2009 By: dougclow
iSpot team
2009-06-29 moth in JLB

This attractive moth was flying around while I was working at my desk on iSpot! It settled by the window and I got a snap.

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Large Yellow Underwing

Hummingbird Hawks do look a little like this when they are at rest, but you hardly ever see them at rest! This is Large Yellow Underwing, a night-flying species but one that often gets disturbed during the day, as it tends to roost in grassy areas. If you mow your lawn you'll often flush out a LYU and see it flying away (when it looks orange due to the combination of brown and yellow wings in flight).

Good to see that your office is maintaining its ability to attract moths!

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Aha! I did think it didn't

Aha! I did think it didn't quite look right, thanks. And I think I should learn from this that just because I see a moth flying in the day doesn't mean it's a day-flying moth :-)

Thanks Martin.

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Large Yellow Underwing

Yep, there are several Underwings, but this looks very like a Large Yellow Underwing. If you ever do moth trapping with a UV light, these will tend to go beserk and charge around the bulb!


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