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Freshwater springtail

Observed: 20th August 2011 By: Paula Lightfoot
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Several elongated springtails found on and under stones next to running water.

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Light/small one looks possible for Isotomurus palustris, but I would say the dark/large ones are a different species, perhaps Vertagopus arboreus?'s picture


Hi Paula - (ignore previous comment - i know more now!) the longer hairs on the big one probably aren't trichobotrhia after all (more like "macrosetae")and Isotomurus would probably be more strikingly patterned than this and have big prickles on its lower back legs. Vertagopus is a good possibility, but could be any of the genus formerly known as Isotoma. The little one could be a baby of the same sort. Still a lovely photo though!