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Red tailed bumblebee

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Yes, the wings are too clear and the body too densely hairy for the cuckoo species Bombus rupestris, and the second photo shows nicely the black hairs on the hind tibia, against the pale background of the pollen mass that has been collected, so Bombus ruderarius (which has reddish hairs on the hind tibia) is also ruled out. Bombus lapidarius it is!

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Collecting pollen

That this bee has collected pollen immediately rules out it being a Cuckoo-bee species as they don't collect pollen and lack the corbicular hairs that make up the pollen basket, Bombus (Psithyrus) rupestris can excluded from any ID considerations at first glance.

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Red tailed bumblebee

Thanks for the tip about the pollen baskets, this really helps