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Greater Spotted Woodpeckers (Female and Juvenile Male)

Observed: 18th June 2009 By: geoffEinongeoffEinon’s reputation in BirdsgeoffEinon’s reputation in BirdsgeoffEinon’s reputation in Birds

Female had been vigorously depleting our peanut feeder for 4-5 weeks before appearing with her fledgling male chick

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Great spotted woodpeckers

The red-capped young are sometimes mistaken for rare migrants(!)
Another great photo which captures the character of the bird.


"Wildlife is for Everyone"

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sexes in great-spots

Actually, this is an adult male with a youngster; the adult female shows no red on the nape.

Bob Ford

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Bob is right the red nape indicates a male and the red cap a juvenile.

Graham Banwell

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