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Swallow with collar

Observed: 1st August 2011 By: sevenoysterssevenoysters’s reputation in Birdssevenoysters’s reputation in Birdssevenoysters’s reputation in Birds
swallow with 'collar'
swallow with 'collar' 1

one swallow from a group greatly enlarged to show what seems to be a 'collar'. Is it something the swallow has picked up or is it some sort of tracking device ?

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I would have thought it just needs to have a bit of a shake and maybe a preen to get the feathers back in place. Looks as if the feathers are a bit displaced and so the pale bases are showing.


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re displaced feathers

thanks for your suggestion - could be. I've subsequently added a second photo which is possibly clearer than the first.

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collar explanation

definitely a feather effect - I've now seen the same on other swallow photos.