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Rove Beetle found indoors

Observed: 19th August 2011 By: BluedunBluedun’s reputation in InvertebratesBluedun’s reputation in InvertebratesBluedun’s reputation in Invertebrates
Rove Beetle_Staphylinidae

Large Rove beetle 30mm long
Possibly Devils Coach horse - Staphylinus olens
Difficult to confirm proportionally
Safely returned outdoors - great garden predators !

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Ocypus olens

Thanks Mark, much appreciated -
Can you confirm how the ID was made please ?
I was tempted to list ID as olens but I haven't seen too many of the other sub-species to compare.
See -

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RES Handbook

You can key Ocypus olens out using the new RES Handbook by Lott and Anderson. I recognise olens as having a proportionately broader body than other all-black large staphs but I'm relying on experience.