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Common dolphin

Observed: 23rd August 2006 By: Gill Sinclair
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Common dolphin
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I have not seen one for many years. An amazing sight. Great that you were able to capture it on camera.

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Common dolphin

The captain of the dolphin-watching boat had been doing trips for many, many years and it was the first time she had seen common dolphins - I don't know if they've been seen since or how often. I was so chuffed that I paid my money again and went out on a second trip, and we saw bottlenose dolphins. I assume we would not have seen the common dolphins if the bottlenoses had been around on the first trip, as the bottlenoses would bully their smaller cousins as they do the harbour porpoises up there. Needless to say I made quite a few attempts to photograph these zippy little dolphins but only a couple were in focus, in fact the animals were too close to the boat for my camera a lot of the time so it was great to just watch.

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Being an ex 'seagoer', I've seen many of these, also porpoises.