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Stalked jellyfish

Observed: 7th August 2011 By: zoec
stalked jellyfish

We found this stalked jellyfish attached to a piece of seaweed under Swanage Pier. There appear to be three similar species - any idea which one it is? Possibly Haliclystus auricula or Lucernariopsis campanulata? Thanks

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Which stalked jellyfish

I'd edge towards L campanulata based on my own recent observations of what I think is one, http://www.ispotnature.org/node/443932 but reckon yield need closer pics of the nematocyst patter within the crown or to loo for a pimply surface on the stalk See; http://www.stauromedusae.co.uk for lots of good ID tips and pics.

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.