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Sparrowhawk ( Male)

Observed: 18th June 2009 By: geoffEinongeoffEinon’s reputation in BirdsgeoffEinon’s reputation in BirdsgeoffEinon’s reputation in Birds

Sparrowhawk scanning for prey skulking under garden shrubs - robins, dunnocks, wrens etc

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Fabulous picture

I've never been able to get a picture of one - I love that you've got the talons and everything

Alison Rowan

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It could be an adult male as the amount of red is very variable, often limited to just the cheeks, as here. The brownish tinge to the upperparts is probably just due to the fact that the feathers are old and faded. I would not expect a young bird to be so neatly barred underneath. Wonderful photo, I'm dead jealous!

Bob Ford

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Ta V M

Many thanks for the comments
btb - I take the 'old and faded' and 'neatly barred' points. I'll remove the juvenile references.

ar: I wish we didn't see him so often - we won't have many goldfinches left to feed soon ))<-;}

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Accipiter nisus

A great photo!

The iris colour of accipiter's change with age. You won't often read about this but it is fact.

Immature birds start with a very bright yellow iris. Second and third year the iris begins to tinge to a light orange colour and in mature birds the iris goes a deep fire like orange colour.

Obviously plumage is the key indicator to identifying whether a raptor is immature or mature and your photo shows a mature male sparrowhawk. However it is so detailed you can clearly see the colour of the iris too.