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Green shrub, white flowers, pink bracts, red berries

Observed: 17th August 2011 By: chogg

Growing isolated in an oak wood on Exmoor.
It's a plant, a shrub, about 2 metres tall.
Oval pointed leaves about 15cm long, 5cm wide.
Succulent stems, almost like bamboo.
Flowers are distinctive, have some similarity to fushia or Himalayan honeysuckle.
BUT, they have white flowers, red/pink bracts and bright red berries about 10mm diameter.

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Leycesteria formosa

Very common garden shrub grown for its flowers, coloured bracts, fruits and in winter shiny green stems. Planted as a cover plant for game birds, sometimes called pheasantberry. Naturalized in many parts of the UK.Common where I live on the Isle of Wight, both as a garden plant and naturalized in wood, waste ground and walls.Spread by birds. In the Caprifoliaceae family, fruits smell of toffee.

David J Trevan