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Common gull among black-headed gulls

Observed: 17th February 2010 By: Iris003Iris003’s reputation in BirdsIris003’s reputation in BirdsIris003’s reputation in Birds
Common Gull

Medium sized gull, but bigger than the black-headed gull. Greenish legs and greyish yellow coloured bill.

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good ID photo

That's a good photo for comparing these two species, great to see them side-by-side.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Dear Martin, isn't it strange that you hardly see the Common Gulls, but you always see the Black Headed Gulls?


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I thought for a long time

I thought for a long time that Common Gulls were misnamed - because they are not that common, but it turns out they get that name from their habit of feeding on common land.