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Observed: 18th August 2011 By: cjs67
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I have just noticed this fungal growth today at the base of the oak tree at the bottom of my garden. It measures 13" across. I'm keen to find out what it is and especially if it is damaging to the tree as this oak is a large one and could cause considerable damage to my own and neighbouring properties if it came down in a storm.
Update August 19th: I have added a close-up photo to help confirm identification as requested.


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ID might be easier if..............

ID might be easier if you could add a closer shot of the bracket. Thanks.


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To answer your question Inonotus dryadeus is described as "parasitic" and another Inonotus is described as "destructive parasite of oak and walnut (causing a white rot of the heart wood)" in another book.


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If there was a way to change

If there was a way to change my identification I would now say "I am a sure as I can be".